Asilo Bianco is a working platform to regrow forgotten places and to germinate the culture of a territory by the seeds of contemporary art.

Asilo Bianco was born on the hills of Lake Orta (Novara, Italy) to create new magic and poetic worlds, starting from the comparison with the waste.

Asilo Bianco is the generative gesture of an artist – Enrica Borghi – who has developed an artistic rhizomatic process.

The main seed comes from contemporary art that constantly talks with other learnings and worlds. New buds grow with renewed vitality: from here the rhizome and its horiziontal development. Asilo Bianco is a particle accelerator, with projects that sometimes are connected and sometimes are parallel.

In this way Asilo Bianco gives value to the community and to the landscape creating social awareness.

Asilo Bianco is a cultural association founded in 2005.
Current team: Enrica Borghi (artist), Davide Vanotti (writer), Francesca Gattoni (curator), Giorgio Caione (curator, photographer), Paola Fornara (film festival director), Ilaria Macchi (cultural operator, movie maker), Francesco Lillo (graphic designer, photographer).