PASAJ is an Istanbul based artist initiative founded in 2010. It is run by Secil Yaylali, Zeynep Okyay, Elif Bursali and Giorgio Caione.

At PASAJ, the power belongs completely to the artist.
PASAJ hosts socially engaged and participatory art projects by local and international artists. It focuses on the value of the experience. It transforms itself with the support and the creativity of artists and participators.

Since 2013 PASAJ has opened its studio in Tarlabaşı - an historical and multiethnic neighbourhood in the heart of Istanbul that is going through a complex process of gentrification. Since september 2014, PASAJ has started a temporary project, in which a tiny restaurant located in Tarlabaşı market street has become a contemporary art venue named PASAJ Tarlabaşı.

From April 2018 on, it settles in a 16 square meters room in Nimet Han, Karaköy - Istanbul.

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