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Smart Design (...) Smart Life

Can design reinvent our future? Most designers would like to think so. After all, without a utopian ideal, art and design would be just professions. In the future lies the prospect of progress and art and design is considered by many to be sterile if it is not reaching for some utopian goal. So why can’t design reinvent our future? Between idealistic and more realistic projections of the future, our daily life stands and flows. We live in an eternal present full of objects and desires and the future remains always a little far off. Reinventing the future looks like a real utopia. Designers have a better chance to reinvent daily gestures and approach everyday life in a different way – a smarter way.

Can smart design make our life smarter?

At the Istanbul Design Biennale, visitors can help us to explore the limits of design. In our manifesto we quote some values and concepts, which can be exemplified by particular design objects.

Visitors can see these design objects through a shopping window and get background information about them “in the shop” behind the window. Objects are presented as consumer products, not as museum pieces, which makes visitors act and think as consumers. This recreates with an artistic spin a common perspective shared by all consumers.

Smart design starts from the rubbish bin.

We begin with what we usually throw away, such as fruit peels. Peelpride (designed by Rianne Koens) is a serial kitchen tools to use fruit peels as flavour enhancers for food and drinks. A complete new world of tastes can be created and written in the Inspiration Book.

VLAMP (designed by Jacob de Baan) reinvents a simple daily object like tea light creating spot lamps based on the warm red flickering light of candles.

Otura® design (Rianne) meets people’s needs by transforming separate stackable drawers in a series of components such as cabinets, side tables, bedsides table and stools.

Sustainability is a keyword for SAFIR (Jacob), a lamp made of thin translucent sheets that can be composted and/or recycled and reused. No glue or screws are used and the thin sheets can be efficiently packed in one flat box avoiding unnecessary environmental damage and high transportation costs.

Lamba Turca (Rianne) is a lamp with a social soul; it is folded from inflammable paper by Turkish housewives with the chance to earn a little pin money.

ULAMP (Jacob) is a vertical suspended lampshade with an LED light bulb, a grid of coconut timber elements that represents a viable substitute for endangered hardwoods from an ecologically sound source.

Is this smart? Only the “future” will tell…

A project by Giorgio Caione, Jacob de Baan, Rianne Koens

selected for the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial |1 November-14 December 2014 (English revision: Michael Kalish)

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