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Photobook - She Dreamt about a Valley in the Caucasus

"She Dreamt about a Valley in the Caucasus" is a dreamlike trip through images and poems into the Armenian landscape. 
A vague but constant Soviet legacy lingers in this region of the Caucasus. Bulky monuments, modernist architectures, vast residential blocks that resemble barracks. But there's something deeper and less visible. A persistent atmosphere that accompanies the travellers and poets who cut through these Armenian roads.

15 x 16,2 cm, Leporello binding, 18 pages + 2 inserts of 12 and 8 pages, Mumken Pure 150gr paper, printed fabric cover.
Handmade dummy, edition of 20, signed, 2017

All poems' quotes are from Armenian poets and foreign poets who visited Caucasus region.
Designed and produced at FUAM-Istanbul during the workshop conducted by Alex Bocchetto and Valentina Abenavoli, Akina Books.

Awards and Exhibitions

- The Library at téte, Berlin, 2017 - Photobook showcase

- Istanbul Photobook Festival 2017 - Shortlist

- Athens Photo Festival 2017 - Photobook show

- Gazebook, Sicily Photobook Festival, 2017 - Photobook showcase
- Printed '18, Mixer Gallery, Istanbul - Group show

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